Current planning applications being considered by Hollingbourne Parish Council.

A new feature of the Hollingbourne village website is a list of local planning applications being considered by Hollingbourne Parish Council. The list is supplied by Maidstone Borough Council who make the planning decisions. Hollingbourne Parish Council only advises on planning matters and can be overruled by Maidstone.

LATEST NEWS – In addition to the applications within the Parish of Hollingbourne the Parish Council has been advised of an application in Bicknor to build a large 75x 69 square metre cold store which is about three quarters the size of a football pitch plus additional accommodation for seasonal workers. It is expected that this industrial development could generate significant traffic through Hollingbourne on the B2163/C603 (Eyhorne Street). The MBC Reference is 18/501312/FULL and the matter was considered by Hollingbourne Parish Council at the April 2018 Monthly Meeting. A decision was made to support the objections of Bicknor residents because of the likely traffic impact on Eyhorne Street..

Lists of Hollingbourne applications by month are as follows:

For information about May 2018 please go  May-2018-Planning-applications.xlsx (156 downloads)

For information about June 2018 please go  June-2018-Planning-applications.xlsx (125 downloads)

For information about July 2018 please go  July-2018-Planning-applications.xlsx (109 downloads)

For information about September 2018 please go  September-2018-Planning-applications.xlsx (112 downloads)

For information about October 2018 please go  October-2018-Planning-applications.xlsx (69 downloads)

For information about November 2018 please go  November-2018-Planning-applications.xlsx (80 downloads)

For information about December 2018 please go  December-2018-Planning-applications-2-1.xlsx (44 downloads)

For information about January 2019 please go  January-2019-Planning-applications.xlsx (55 downloads)

For information about February 2019 please go  February-2019-Planning-applications.xlsx (38 downloads)

For information about March 2018 please go March-2019-Planning-applications.xlsx (23 downloads)

For information about April 2019 please go April-2019-Planning-applications.xlsx (32 downloads)

The Maidstone Borough Council Planning portal is at

Sites identified by Maidstone Borough Council in 2014 for possible future housing developments are shown on the plan below. Planning applications for H03-189 for 10 houses alongside Windmill Lane have been approved by Maidstone Borough Council on 26th April 2018 despite objections from Hollingbourne Parish Council, the Village Hall Committee, and 21 local residents. Most objections related to the limited access via a privately owned 3 metre wide public footpath with no space for a “drive in” from Eyhorne Street.

Concern has been expressed by the Village Hall Committee because of the refusal of EI Group PLC to renew the Village Hall lease, which expired in August 2016 pending a planning decision on the 10 houses. EI Group PLC owns part of Windmill Lane including the access the to the proposed houses.

The application for the 12 houses to the east of Eyhorne Street (H0-58) was approved by Maidstone Borough Council on 1st February 2018

In addition four houses are presently under construction in Musket Lane. An application for a further two has been made.

It is understood that an application may be made for a retirement village to be built on H03-189 with access from Eyhorne Street via a driveway between Cotuam’s Hall and the Coachman’s House. No application has been made for H03-249.


The site plan for the proposed ten houses in Windmill Lane. The grey marked section of the Lane belongs to EI Group as does the Windmill and The Hall to the right. The white section of Windmill Lane is separately owned and maintained by local residents.


Proposed development of 10 large detached houses to the west of Windmill Lane in Hollingbourne.